At The Pod Hotels we believe that travel is a right not a luxury. We’re going to show you how to experience it all without spending it all on your hotel room. We’ll surprise you with efficient, thoughtful designs along with our guest centric, social programs. Bring your sense of adventure and wanderlust then prepare to become part of our cities. We also make it easy to stay connected, online and in real life, so you can share your new stories with old friends and new.

We’ve designed our rooms for the savvy traveler who knows what they need and demand to stay connected to the world. We started by stripping away the nonessentials and discovered something special. By eliminating the excessive, we eliminated costs. Then we decided to pass those saving to our guests.


We know our cities and we’re excited to share them with you. We’ve developed programs to show you around town and get you access to special events. Maybe turning you into a local expert.

Why do hotels still charge for Wi-Fi? We couldn’t answer that question, so we don’t. And we make sure that ours is fast. Because nothing is more frustrating than a slow internet connection.

You’ll look at all other hotels differently once you’ve experienced one of our Pod Hotels. We take you into the heart of the city. Stay connected with us for up to date news on what’s coming soon.